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Ways To Go Green In Your Small Business

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

A small business owner’s flexibility and decision-making power provide some great opportunities to become more environmentally conscious. There are decisions we can make right now that will help the environment. Here are a few ideas worth considering.

Go Paperless

According to The Daily GreenPaper, paper accounts for 25% of landfill waste. If the United States reduced office paper usage by 10%, it would save 1.6 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions. Consider the creation and disposal of ink cartridges, as well as the energy consumed by printers.

Do More Online

Even if you have a physical location, you can use the Internet to minimize your company’s footprint. Online marketing is one of the most effective methods to use the Internet in an ecologically aware manner. Instead of sending out a hard copy postcard, consider conducting an email marketing campaign. Alternatively, look into how social media can help you advertise your brand more rapidly and effectively than traditional advertising tactics.

You can even move your invoicing procedures to online payment platforms, which will help you get paid faster while reducing paper waste.

Use the Cloud

You may use the Cloud to help your organization become greener. The Cloud is a decentralized area on the Internet that stores data and makes it accessible anytime, anywhere, from any device. By replacing on-site servers with the Cloud to backup data, exchange files, and make your business data accessible anywhere, you may save energy and physical space while reducing environmental impact.

Make Your Office More Environmentally Friendly

Here are some ideas to make your office more environmentally conscious:

  • Use compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs

  • Use an energy-saving power strip that auto switches to conserve electricity

  • Drink out of reusable water bottles or coffee mugs instead of throwaways

  • Use chlorine-free post-consumer recycled paper

  • Use energy settings on laptops and monitors

Start a Green Business

Consider launching a green business to benefit the environment if you’re thinking about starting a business. There are a variety of environmentally conscious enterprises you may begin, ranging from composting to gardening to green cleaning, that can turn your passion for the environment into a profitable business.

Some of these green business ideas for small businesses may take a bit of time to acclimate. Begin with a single concept and stick to it. You’ll develop new habits that honor and assist the environment before you know it. Furthermore, many of these suggestions are low-cost, so you may improve your bottom line while doing so. For small businesses, becoming green is a win-win situation.

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